My research services are completely tailored to your needs and, for that reason, I have no 'off the shelf' packages for sale. However, to help you get an idea of what costs might be involved, I've provided some examples of the kind of research I have carried out in the past.


Basic Family Tree Research

If what you are looking for basic information (name, date and place of birth, marriage details, date and place of death) for someone born in Scotland in the 20th century back to their great grandparents, this will cost in the region of £295. For this, you would get a

  • a report of research findings, including details of all documents used
  • transcriptions of all relevant records viewed (birth, marriage and death records, census returns from 1841 to 1911)

This estimate assumes that most or all of the records to be viewed are Scottish. If English and Welsh, Irish or international records become necessary, there may be additional cost.


House History

Many people living in older properties are fascinated to know more about the history of their house and the people who lived there before them. In Scotland, we are fortunate to have very good property records that can support this type of research. The cost of this type of research varies depending on how old the property is and the level of detail that you would like to see.

Assuming a house built in the mid 1800s, for £595 you could reasonably expect to see a written report containing

  • a description of the land and its owner before the property was built
  • approximate date of construction of the property
  • a full listing of all owners of the property, and its residents (may be different from the owners)
  • transcriptions of all available census records for the property
  • details of the house and its owners/residents as they appear in contemporary newspapers and local history publications
  • details of all documents viewed

Optionally, I can include a transcription of the original title deeds for the property.

Obviously if the property is older or newer than 150 years old, the price will vary. Additionally, if more detailed information on the local history of the area or more detailed information on any previous owner/resident is required, that will increase the price. However, before going down that route, I would recommend going for the 'standard' house history report and then deciding, based on that research, what extra detail you might be interested in.


In-depth research

If you already have some information on your family,  it may be that you would like more detailed information about them. Or you may be looking for very specific information about them. This is where the 'tailored' research approach comes in. I can research a specific line of a family, a specific group of people or even a single individual. We can go beyond the birth, marriage, death and census records to look at property records, court records, occupational records, military history to flesh out the history.

In-depth research can be more rewarding as it provides extra, more personal, details on your ancestors. However, searching in these records can take much longer and there is no guarantee that any information will be found. For this reason, although the hourly research rate is the same, it can be more expensive to find out this type of information.

I don't charge a minimum amount for this type of research, but it is seldom that much can be achieved in less than 3 hours - unless you need me to look for a very specific document on your behalf.